S.A.L.T Africa (Someone Always Listens To You) is a dedicated mental health organization based in Zimbabwe, Africa. Our mission is to provide essential support, resources, and empowerment to individuals, families, and communities, ensuring access to quality mental health care across the region.

Established in 2019, S.A.L.T Africa embarked on a transformative journey with the aim of strengthening mental well-being and fostering resilience. Our commitment to compassion and understanding drives our work as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. The Story of S.A.L.T Africa began in Chimanimani, where we faced the immense challenges brought by Cyclone Idai. We recognized the urgent need for mental health support in communities grappling with trauma and grief. Responding to this need, we launched our first assignment, offering therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through a range of innovative modalities.

Through the power of art therapy, writing therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, and dance therapy, we created a safe space for healing and self-expression. Our programs included story writing, grief letter writing, drumming, drama, and dance, reaching out to 110 adolescents. By empowering them to embrace their mental well-being, we fostered resilience and hope for a brighter future.

Understanding the healing potential of nature, we integrated nature therapy for adults and established a nutrition garden at St. Charles Luwanga Mission. Additionally, we initiated a small beekeeping project to generate income and promote self-sufficiency. To address loneliness and anxiety-related symptoms, we taught various crafts to women, equipping them with practical skills and a sense of purpose. The unwavering support of the church at St. Charles Luwanga has been instrumental in our success. They have witnessed the transformative benefits of our initiatives and have become strong advocates within their congregations. Inspired by the impact we were making, a maternal mental health program was born, focused on alleviating perinatal mental health issues, particularly in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, we established perinatal mental health support groups. These safe and nurturing spaces provide women with the opportunity to share their experiences, access crucial support, and find solace during vulnerable times. Our commitment to maternal mental health continues to grow, ensuring that no mother feels alone on her journey.

In our "Mufuku Diaries" project, dedicated to prisoner rehabilitation, we have impacted the lives of over 300 inmates. Through craft-making workshops, group therapy sessions, individual therapy, and mental state exams, we provide the incarcerated with the tools and support they need to rebuild their lives. Additionally, our annual Wellness Sports Day for Inmates has become a beacon of hope, fostering camaraderie, physical health, and mental well-being. Expanding our reach in 2023, we established three mental health gardens within Murewa, Mutoko, and Tabudirira prisons. These serene spaces offer solace and respite for inmates and staff within the confines of the prison walls, encouraging healing and introspection.

At S.A.L.T Africa, we approach the complex issue of drug and substance abuse by understanding its root causes within communities. We actively collaborate with community leaders, parents, and individuals struggling with addiction, seeking to harness a unified approach and lasting solutions. The support and receptiveness of the Dzivarasekwa Extension community have been invaluable in our efforts. At the core of S.A.L.T Africa is the belief that someone always listens. We strive to be that listening ear, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their struggles, fears, and hopes. Through our programs, partnerships, and relentless dedication, we foster mental well-being, break down barriers, and pave the way for a mentally healthier Zimbabwe.

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to listen, support, and empower individuals, families, and communities across Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

To provide culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused services in building resilient communities in Africa

Our Mission

promoting mental healthcare and eradicating stereotypical evaluation on mental illness in the African society

Our Core Values

  • FAITH: We are Christian moved organization which believes in God as the centre to all transformations and work done.
  • INTEGRITY: We prioritize consistency and honesty in our conduct and decision making, especially in the projects being implemented.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We subscribe to the notion that intelligibility in our conduct as the key to success and continuity
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking the results-focus approach, each member and participant should be held accountable for their actions.
  • INCLUSIVENESS:: We embrace diversity and we believe in everyone`s contribution as key to development despite visible and invisible differences.