Someone Always Listens To you

S.A.L.T, Someone Always Listens To you, is a space that is dedicated to building communities that put mental health at the core in achieving sustainable growth and development in Africa. This can be achieved through promoting mental healthcare and eradicating stereotypes built around mental health and promoting home grown solutions for mental health challenges. S.A.L.T is thus, a platform which allows both young and older people to interact and proffer homegrown solutions for homegrown challenges.

About Us
Our Vision

To provide culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused services in building resilient communities in Africa

Our Mission

promoting mental healthcare and eradicating stereotypical evaluation on mental illness in the African society

Our Core Values

FAITH: We are Christian moved organization which believes in God as the centre to all transformations and work done.

INTEGRITY: We prioritize consistency and honesty in our conduct and decision making, especially in the projects being implemented.

TRANSPARENCY: we subscribe to the notion that intelligibility in our conduct as the key to success and continuity

ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking the results-focus approach, each member and participant should be held accountable for their actions.

INCLUSIVENESS: We embrace diversity and we believe in everyone`s contribution as key to development despite visible and invisible differences.

Our Recent Projects

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