About Us

S.A.L.T, Someone Always Listens To you, it's an Organization that is dedicated to building communities that put mental health at the core in achieving sustainable growth and development in Africa. This can be achieved through promoting mental healthcare and eradicating stereotypes built around mental health and promoting home grown solutions for mental health challenges. S.A.L.T is thus, a platform which allows both young and older people to interact and proffer homegrown solutions for homegrown challenges.


Extending the Olive Branch Campaign

Following the devastating cyclone IDAI that hit the Eastern Highlands, a significant number of individuals have been left homeless, orphaned, and vulnerable to a lot of violations due to desperation. This campaign focuses on extending a helping hand to affected areas that’s Ngangu, Kopa and St Charles Lwanga in Chimanimani in form of psychosocial support and sustainable development projects that will bring income for the beneficiaries.

Suicide Prevention Photo Campaign

The month of September is globally celebrated as the month of suicide prevention. S.A.L.T Africa held a vivid, thought provoking online photo campaign which spoke to reduction of suicide rates, and addressed various social ills. The campaign focused on steering conversations around the subject of suicide, causes, prevention and bridging the gap with the older generation

Lockdown Chronicles

Covid-19 regulations put in place have not only affected economies but also individuals and families especially in developing countries where the only source of income in households was through the informal sector. The lockdown chronicles is a series of shows that tackles challenges faced in various settings as a result of the regulations.

Our Projects

Imperfectly Perfect Program

Mental health problems faced by young people in an African context have always been linked to laziness, stubbornness and mood swings and will always attract punishment from parents and guardians. Imperfectly Perfect program looks at providing a space for young people to interact and build stronger partnerships that emanate from interaction, constructive camps and team building activities. The project drives at building a movement that puts mental wellbeing at the centre of decision-making processes, increasing youth participation in these processes.

The Kuchanaya Movement

This is an arts movement which focuses on using art as a way of healing, therapy and advocacy. The movement focuses of theatre, poetry, dance, singing, writing and painting. In addressing mental health issues, the African culture applauds use of art as an outlet for emotions to achieve inner satisfaction and healing. To date the movement has produced the Nyamavhuvhu play which shows the synergies between mental health and gender-based violence.

Mufuku Diaries

In addressing mental health issues within prison facilities, the Mufuku Diaries focuses on embracing afrocentric interventions to mental health related issues through use of arts. The project aims at preparing inmates for reintegration into their communities, coping mechanisms while serving their sentences, and those who have life sentences.

S.A.L.T Shakers on Campus

In addressing mental health in higher and tertiary institutions S.A.L.T Africa endeavours to institutionalize a club named `The S.A.L.T Shakers Club` which seeks to promote peer to peer counselling and fundraising for community development. It also provides students a practical opportunity for mental health discussions